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1140 Heritage Road #7
Burlington, ON L7L 4X9

(905) 319-1952

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Maximize performance. Maximize fuel consumption.

DL Motorsports is a locally owned and operated automotive service company with 14 years experience in automotive maintenance. Our licensed automotive service technicians provide quality installation, upkeep and repair of both performance and daily driver vehicles. We specialize in fuel injection systems, but we still know how to jet a carb. If it runs on fuel, we can probably tune it.

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From Vehicle Planning to Upkeep

At DL Motorsports, our focus with customers is project planning, quality installation and upkeep. We aim to maximize the performance and fuel consumption of your vehicle.

Licensed Automotive Experts

We specialize in sales, installation and repair of high performance upgrades – including turbos, superchargers, brake systems, exhaust systems and fuel management systems.

We Also Offer These Services

Dynojet Tuning
Custom Fabrication and Wiring
In-house Chassis Dyno
Forced Induction and more...