Dyno Tuning from DL Motorsports

10 Steps to Prepare Your Vehicle for the Dyno

  1. Check fluids levels/ belts/ hoses/ leaks/ clean air filter
  2. Check tires for cracks/ tread depth/ pressure
  3. Check wheel nuts are properly torqued
  4. Clean off heavy mud/ dirt buildup
  5. Make sure fuel is fresh/ sufficient to dyno @ WOT (wide open throttle) for several passes (1/2 tank minimum)
  6. Bring any spares you need ( spark plugs, etc.)
  7. Bring laptop/ software & cables if tuning
  8. If the vehicle has been in storage make sure the battery is fully charged
  9. Have an oxygen sensor bung installed in front of the catalytic convertor (s) if AFR (air fuel ratio) measurements are required.
  10. Book an appointment for the Dyno!

We’re here to assist you! Please use the contact form below to book an appointment and we’ll contact you to confirm the date and time. Thank you.